How I Work

When I work, I begin with a short prayer and silence.

In the silence I open my awareness using meditation and move into contact with your inner being and soul. I open myself to your soul, and I allow my psyche to be filled with the energy and information that your soul wishes to convey. This comes to me in words, pictures and explanations that are directly relevant to you and your situation. 

I work in this way to assess and communicate fully about the real meaning of your circumstances, and about the relationship between your soul’s purpose and your current experience of life and its challenges.

I seek to trace current problems and confusions back to their source, in order to understand the lessons that need to be learned now and the actions and attitudes that will help you move forward. I see your patterns from the past and I also see your potential patterns for the future.

I encourage people to listen actively and intuitively. I like to work in partnership with you. If the information is truthful it usually resonates and creates an “Ah, that makes sense” feeling. Sometimes that inner sense of recognising the truth will come after the actual session.

My aim for our sessions is also that they are always filled with an atmosphere of healing.