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I am away on sabbatical leave until Spring 2023. If you would like me to contact you when I am available please leave a message via my Contact box.
Best wishes —Sabrina

Before a Session

Before anything else contact me via the Contact Form so that we can fix an appointment.

Only after we have fixed the appointment fill in the information form (below) and send payment.

Before approaching me for a reading, it is useful to think about the particular areas of your life that you would like me to focus on. You do not have to have a problem to consult me. Many people come simply to explore themselves more fully.


When you book a session please fill out the Information Form. Click here for the Information Form

This is the information on the form that I require from you:

  • Your name
  • Town/village/country where you live
  • Telephone number (in case of problems)
  • Email Address
  • Place of birth and your age
  • Occupation
  • Number of siblings and your placement in the family
  • Names and ages of your own children (if any)
  • Are you familiar with the terms chakras and past lives?
  • As clearly as you can, tell me about the area(s) you would like to explore

Two Types of Session

I no longer see people in-person in Glastonbury. You have two choices:
(A) An online live session via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. These sessions are recorded and generally last 90—120 minutes; they include a preliminary conversation.
(B) A recorded session. I do a preliminary 30-minute meditation and attunement. The recording is then approximately 60 minutes.

I recommend that clients only see me once a year. I have some clients who come back to me for an annual update.


I offer three prices based on your circumstances. I offer them on a trust basis and ask for no proof. If you are uncertain how best to price yourself please contact me.

Well waged: £150

Moderately waged: £100

Low waged/on benefits: £55

Book a Session Now

Remember to fill out the Information Form. Click here

Please do not purchase readings as a gift for someone else. I require that clients contact me directly if they want a session.

I do not do fortune telling.
I do give insights about your soul’s journey and future possibilities