I had a long distance reading from her at the end of 2008. It was my first psychic reading and a very positive experience. Sabrina comes from a place of great integrity. Her reading for me was loving, spiritual and very thorough. She explained clearly what came through to her and also dealt with specific points I wanted to know about. The reading was fundamental in kick-starting a key part of my spiritual development.

Susan Frisby

Sabrina Dearborn is the psychic for psychics! I have found her readings very helpful over the years. I think I had my first reading with her at least 10 years ago. Her wisdom, insight and humour are invaluable and have truly helped me to get through hurdles in life; from business to personal issues. I recommend working with Sabrina wholeheartedly.

Karin Schluter Lonegren

I consulted her at a time when I felt I needed some spiritual direction.  During a well-held consultation, I experienced her warmth, friendliness and sensitivity.  Some of the material she channelled, provided insights as well as soul healing - as tears emerged at certain points of deep recognition of Truth.  I have listened to the recording of the session several times over to re-receive its impact.  I would certainly recommend her to others and feel I will return again (sometime in the future) for a further consultation.

Louise Lewis, Reconnective Healing & Counselling

I have known Sabrina for over 30 years and would support her in any undertaking. She is one of the smartest, funniest, kindest and most deeply insightful and intelligent people I know, all delivered through a very warm and human personality. She has naturally what so many who counsel others must strive to acquire: an innate understanding of how to assist the inner workings of a fellow human being.

Elizabeth Marriott

Sabrina has a warm and welcoming energy about her that made me feel safe in her hands; she works in a highly intuitive way and seems to access realms that I am unaware of and relates her understanding with compassion and sensitivity. She seemed to get to the hub of what’s going on in my psychic village.

C. C.

The readings with Sabrina have enlivened for me a sense of dialogue with the unseen helpers and guardians in my life. the experiences have helped me to get to know myself deeper and that’s empowering.

Elizabeth Giambrone

I have had one reading with Sabrina and found this remarkable and insightful beyond words. Sabrina has a gift of mirroring back, recognising and acknowledging many layers in a person in a way that would normally take many, many years to understand and reach! I laughed and cried at what she touched, in a clear, loving way, when I received her reading.  

I felt heartily glad of being given so much to engage, process and work with! Then comes the responsibility, to take the insights and new understandings forwards! What's also excellent is that  Sabrina records her reading - so you can absorb, work-with it, live-with it...I am longing to return for a new reading once I have fully processed the first!

I truly commend Sabrina for her high level of integrity, profound way of working and deeply rooted spiritual approach.

Olga Siddons

As the owner of Healing Waters Sanctuary in Glastonbury and often faced with a variety of difficult and soul-searching questions, I have often sought the aid of Sabrina by having a reading with her.  I have over the years been to a number of Clairvoyants but I find that Sabrina is the most clear, compassionate and insightful person.  Her readings have changed my life on a number of occasions and I know that she is always there when I have a crisis.  I highly recommend her as being a very authentic person.

Juliet Yelverton

My first session with Sabrina 16 years ago was one of my five most life-changing experiences so far. She explained my childhood, a past life that had been restimulated and was affecting all my current life, and ideas for a more nourishing future - and I only went to her to see if my sons would be alright if I went abroad!I have had four or five more sessions since then which have not been so shattering, but have always been helpful and encouraging.

Jo Archer

Sabrina did a distance reading for me in 2007. I found it to be both instructive and enlightening. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a fresh perspective on their life.

Steve Shellabear

I was deeply impressed by my session with Sabrina. Her guidance was fluent, detailed and felt totally authentic. I really felt that she was relaying information from a source that knew me very well indeed. She drew attention to areas of strength and weakness that were hugely helpful and always with constructive advice that hit the spot. I felt understood, encouraged and uplifted.

JT, Suffolk

Sabrina quickly and gently penetrated my personal veil of unknowing around events in my earlier life, enabling me both to understand and develop my abilities and strengths and also to move through some fears and self-defeating beliefs about myself that I had been carrying.

Giles Chitty

Sabrina made me feel completely relaxed and at ease straight away. She began by explaining how she worked and how the session would be, so I knew what to expect. She paused at frequent intervals throughout the reading to check if there was anything I wanted to ask or anything I didn't understand or anything that didn't resonate with me. I found my reading to be incredibly insightful and helpful, on many levels. It was useful to have been given a recording of the session that I could refer back to. I found Sabrina to be very warm and sincere and I would highly recommend anyone to have a reading with her.

Lissie O'Kelly

I remember very clearly my first meeting with Sabrina: it was life changing. Her insights into my situation was both healing and illuminating, enabling me to make decisions with fresh understanding. Sabrina has a great and rare gift to provide readings with such depth and breadth whist ensuring the content is always clear and accessible.  She offers them with true compassion and humility.. |I love her sense of humour and use of metaphor and her extensive knowledge of all matters spiritual and mundane.  For me, deep healing occurs in a most extraordinary way.  I continue to recommend friends and colleagues to Sabrina as I have complete trust in her skill, her insights and her deep compassion.

Fionnuala Strong

Sabrina brings guidance that not only addresses the moment of now, it also opens up in a sensitive and accurate manner the connections that are important to know.  It gives you ways to explore for yourself the ways to move forward and gain your own insights

Geoff Boltwood (Tareth)

It was many years ago now that I had a reading with Sabrina Dearborn. I found the experience to be extraordinary and rewarding. It was a combination of deep insight alongside a loving kindness from Sabrina which allowed me to find in her reading a mirror for a profound inner truth: an experience which I found to be both moving and inspirational. It is only now in my life that I feel that I am living the potential that she could see in me back in more difficult times. I am grateful to her for shining that light and I would not hesitate to recommend her integrity and insight to others.

Mark Jones

Sabrina combines her deep gifts for psychic insight with a wise and worldly awareness, giving her readings a depth and context that sets them apart as unique in my experience. She moves between the psychic, the psychological and the pragmatic. These are grounded readings that endure and can be revisited years later, still fresh with insights, new patterns and connections.

On an ethical level, Sabrina provides a safe, welcoming, focused and well held space, in person or when working at a distance - I wholeheartedly recommend her work as being pre-eminent in the field, what she does is a beautiful gift to people everywhere

Keith Hackwood

Sabrina did a reading for me in 2006. We have never met, I contacted her by email and  gave her the minimal information she required. She then sent me the reading on a CD.

I found that I was listening to someone who ‘knew’ me. Her style has the personal and firm friendliness of someone who knows what she is talking about. Sabrina also suggested resources I might like to use to explore further answers to my question. Not only did I feel affirmed and encouraged, I also appreciated the clarity and practical nature of her help. She came recommended, and I am delighted to recommend her to others.

Martine Moorby

I had a reading by Sabrina a couple of years ago which I received on a CD, having sent the request (giving a few basic personal details and the areas of my life I wanted her to focus on) in my own handwriting so that she could get a connection with me.

The reading was in a very different league to the few other readings I had previously had at Mind Body Spirit events etc. I really felt that she made a deep connection with me at a soul level. Sabrina’s voice is beautiful to listen to and she has great skill with words which made her communication very clear and easy to comprehend. She was able to tune into my past life experiences which helped me to gain insights into some of my current behaviours, patterns and blocks in a way which had previously eluded me. She is incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable and very widely read. Throughout the reading Sabrina made useful suggestions of books I might find helpful together with other useful avenues I might explore to move forward in all aspects of my personal development. Her reading was so very personal and delivered with a sense of great compassion and wisdom. I feel that she totally ‘got’ the essence of who I am, in the truest sense. I have listened to it many times, gaining strength and a sense of direction from her insights.

I would highly recommend consulting with Sabrina in this way. Her gift is truly special and 100% genuine.

Julie Robinson